f/k/a The 8.5 Square Mile Area

A countryside community situated in South Miami, west of Krome Avenue (S.W. 177th Ave.) and north of Homestead, Florida.  Between the vivacious metropolitan City of Miami and the championship motorsports racing park of Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead.

The community is an exemplary model in diversity living where various origins, nationalities and backgrounds come together; spiriting year-round activities that include corn festivals, international domino tournaments, horse and rodeo shows, good food and music for all!  These events are also open to the public.

The Equestrian Club showcases Quarter horses and Paso Fino.  It is also home to the renown Caballeria Mambisa and many roping arenas.  There are beekeepers and dog breeders.  There are nurseries and exotic plant growers.

Abundant fruits and vegetables are grown in the area which includes, but is not limited to, leeches, avocados, mangos, citrus, bananas and are sold nationally and abroad through several local packing houses.

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